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Value  v.1.0

Value is a complete PHP/MySQL and J2EE middleware / server side accounting system/ERP/CRM geared for users ranging from soho to large

Value Browser 3  v.b.3.3.0

Value Browser 3 is the powerful Qt component which allows to edit values represented as a value list (like as Delphi Object Inspector, and so

Unique AO  v.1.0

Proyecto Argentum Online: Unique AO. Servidor que no exagera en innovaciones, pero tiene lo mas eficiente en su codigo. Proyecto en desarrollo. Mixer.

Value Network Tool  v.1.0

Value Network Tool is a project that provides a graphical interface through which user can design, analyze and simulate a value network.

Value Of Resistance  v.1.0

Value Of Resistance is a simple and easy to use, 4 band carbon resistance calculator. You can configure color of bands, tolerance and resistor body, to display resistor and its resistance.

Lowest unique bid auction  v.1.0

Lowest unique bid auction software for webservers running php5 and MYSQL, multi-currency, multi-language, integration, and sms bidding added for convienience.

Big Value Depot  v.1.0

Big Value Depot Auction is planning on being the next Ebay. The latest paltuim listings,Stienway Piano made in 1859, will be Big Value Depot's claim to fame. Stienway Piano made in 1859. First 5 listings are FREE .

Mean Value Calculator  v.1.0

A mean value program where it will help you to calculate the mean value in a very easy interface.

JAVO Java Automated Value Object  v.1.0

JAVO: Java Automated Value Object is a framework for dynamically creation and population of Value Object (or DTO) given a definition written in XML. It works both ways in order to assemble a DTO from a Business Object or vice versa.

Unique ID  v.0.5.0

The Unique ID software can calculate various interesting numbers and codes.

Orient Key/Value Server  v.0.9.15

The HTTP Server to manage keys/values pairs in a flash

Auto Save Form Value Script  v.1.0

This useful form script automatically saves the contents of a form periodically as the user types and recalls them in the event of an accidental page refresh or even browser closing. Similar to how GMail automatically saves the contents of your draft

Liquid War, a unique wargame  v.1.0

Liquid War's rules are definitely original, they are the proof that it's possible todayto make a game which is truely new and is everything but a clone.It was first designed for DOS but now runs fine under

VAM: A Value Appropriation Modeling Tool  v.1.0

VAM is a tool for constructing and examining coalitional game theory (CGT) problems, and for determining the limits of appropriation for each player in the game.

HashDigest  v.2.0

When you work with files and you need to verify whether a file is unique or it is identical with another, the most accurate method is to compare the files' hash value. hashDigest application offers batch hash string (MD5 and/or SHA1) generation for

Jft - JavaFormTester  v.1.0

JFT is a java framework for different test data generation using basic test design principles like: Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis. JFT-tcgen is a java console application for generation of the unique test cases.

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